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Stuart2.6.3+ Bug Fixes
  • Fix graphics character drawing. Some experimental code got out of hand and effectively disabled graphics characters by default. Since this was a one-line change, a new version number is barely worthwhile.
Stuart2.6.3 Bug Fixes
  • Fix to the search code. The search code wouldn't find certain patterns correctly. For instance, given `-DDEBUG', it couldn't find `debug' in a next search, though it could with a previous search. The problem was the duplicate D. Now it correctly handles this case.
  • Mail should no longer launch if you are using a mailreader that listens to the MailSendDemo port.
  • Workarounds for certain signal problems. Something changed in the pty-related signal handling under NeXTSTEP3.2, and again under NeXTSTEP3.3. As of yet, I really don't understand what the change was (perhaps I should swing the entrails counterclockwise?), but I've found a fix for at least one of the problems. `gnutar -ztvf barf.tar.gz' should no longer complain about broken pipes when run in a Stuart window.
Stuart2.6.2 Bug Fixes
  • TermcapSpoofing wasn't spoofing. When you telnet into a remote site, it left the cursor at the top of the screen. Now it stays in one place.
  • Miniwindow problems. Sometimes Stuart crashed when unminiaturizing a window. This appeared to be related to title changes while the window was miniaturized. It usually seemed to happen when the window was Miniaturized within Stuartrc, and unminiaturized from the Windows menu or with a command-key.
  • OmniWeb `zaps' now can be dropped into Stuart windows, and are pasted as text.
  • Mail should no longer launch if you are using a mailreader that listens to the MailSendDemo port. Sorry, it doesn't work, yet.
  • Graphics characters print. Previously, graphics characters printed as the corrosponding ASCII characters.
  • Color drawing, gray colors. When the colors are grayscale (red==green==blue), Stuart uses PSsetgray() instead of NXSetColor(). So long as you don't introduce colors (on a shelf, for instance), windows keep a low depth limit. This should speed things up for people who don't use color on a color system (mono systems don't use color depths in their windows in any case).
Stuart2.6.1 Bug Fixes
  • Cursor misdraw. In some cases the code to redraw the "normal" text when the cursor moves drew a "phantom" selection. This has been fixed.
  • Selection misdrawing without scrollback. Selections in a window without scrollback were not correctly moving with the text, resulting in "persistent" selections, and visible selections not matching the internal selections.
  • DeleteSendsBackspace. Wasn't working before, now it is.
Stuart2.6 Bug Fixes
  • ShortLineSpacing off. When ShortLineSpacing was turned off, the code wasn't calculating the correct line height, resulting in periodic off-by-one type errors and general garbage.
  • Cursor movement w/in selections. When moving the cursor within the current selection, it didn't redraw the selected background.
  • ISOLatin and copy/paste. Paste wasn't translating to ISOLatin, resulting in garbled input.
  • Backgrounds and printing. The print panel attributes button can now select printing of attributes without background. Currently this facility is not "smart" in that the foreground colors are printed as-is. Use "No Atttributes" if your color scheme doesn't print well.

Fixes between 2.5 and 2.6

Copyright ©1995,1996 by Scott Hess. All Rights Reserved.