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TickleServices provides a framework upon which new services entries may be built. It uses a string-based scripting language to direct execution, which allows many services to be written in just one or two lines. Built-in commands are provided for a number of commonly required functions, such as prompting the user for input or selecting files in an Open Panel.

As a side effect of the ease of developing and modifying new services, TickleServices includes a library of 79 example services, many of which implement services that used to require a basket of small applets. These services range from handling archive files to counting words in text to reformatting C /* ... */ comments. Beyond the basic utility these services provide to any user, they are a valuable source of code to copy and paste for use in new services.

  • ftp download TickleServices1.11.NIHS.tar.gz (985k), for Motorola, Intel, HP and SPARC hardware
  • ftp http download TickleServices1.12.NIHS.tar.gz (985k), for Motorola, Intel, HP, and Sparc hardware
  • ftp download TickleServices1.01.tar.Z (580k), Motorola-only for NS2.x

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