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Stuart2.5.3 Bug Fixes
  • Buffer searches with extended characters. When searching for characters such as â, Stuart didn't ignore case. Â wouldn't find â.
  • Word definition for double-click. Double-click wasn't considering characters like â to be part of a word.
  • The cursor and extended characters. When the cursor went over characters such as â it drew the background but not the character itself.
  • Inability to kill non-shell Shell on NS3.3. For some reason, using a Shell like "tail -f /tmp/console.log" caused Stuart problems because it couldn't kill the shell when closing the window or quitting. During the course of research, I stumbled across a fix which appears to work, but since I don't understand why, I'd appreciate if people who had this problem bang on things. For those who want to know, I was checking the value of the SIGHUP signal handler by printing out the return value from signal( SIGHUP, SIG_DFL). As a side effect, this fixed the problem. The return value from the call? SIG_DFL. So changing SIGHUP's signal handler from SIG_DFL to SIG_DFL fixed the problem. Sigh.
  • Changes to scrollback limits didn't immediately take effect. The size limit wasn't being applied until the next scrolling event. Now it's forced out immediately.
  • Trash under the emulation area. In certain causes, when the scrollback limit was causing removal of lines, trash (actually partial lines) were drawn under the last line of the emulation area.
  • Delete menu item is back. The Delete menu item now allows deletion of completely selected lines in the scrollback buffer. Partial lines cannot be deleted, nor can lines in the emulation area.
  • Print panel console output. Printing caused console output on the order of "lockFocus sent to a view which is not in a window".
Stuart2.5.2 Bug Fixes
  • Search from a triple-click selection. If you tried to run a find when the current selection was a triple-click (complete line) selection, Stuart crashed.
  • Paste Selection. This menu item was enabled when it wasn't usable and disabled when it was. It crashed if you tried to use it.
  • Turning off scrollback. Stuart crashed quickly if you turned off scrollback entirely in a window. I spent too much time testing scrollback limits, and didn't test the zero case :-(.
  • Resizing with a selection crash. If you resized the window vertically such that selected empty lines at the end of the scrollback pushed off the bottom of the window, Stuart crashed.
  • Invalid OSC length assertion. If the subprocess sent ``\E]\E'', the parser came through with an empty OSC sequence ``\E]'', and the handler code asserted that the shortest possible OSC was three characters. Now the handler assumptions match the parser assumptions.
  • Odd font sizes. Font sizes without screen fonts work again. [For instance, Ohlfs-11.] With an odd size, no text was being displayed.
  • Resizing window homes cursor. If the cursor was in the zero column of the last line on resize, it was being sent to the home position by mistake.
  • PASS8 default. ttys were being set up for 7-bit operation. They've been changed to apply PASS8 and PASS8OUT (see stty manual page).
  • First word selection. Double-clicking on a word who's first character is at the beginning of the scrollback buffer now selects the entire word.
  • Miniwindow activity indicator. The miniwindow icon was only changing when a control character was output, but not if only printable text was output.
  • Address updates. Updated the email address for Info/Bug Scott, and the postal address in Registration form.
  • No boldface works. If you turned off all aspects of boldface, it defaulted to Overstrike since the code wasn't considering the empty case.
  • Print offsets cursor. When the Print Panel was up, the cursor was being drawn in an odd place. No longer.
Stuart2.5.1 Bug Fixes
  • NeXTSTEP printing support. It's back online. For now it's what Stuart's always had, but I'm considering addition of an attributes-printing selection which will print all attributes except for background colors (you might want to see underscores or boldface, but not large blocks of reverse video).
  • Find Prev. There was a problem in the backwards-scanning code. The problem is no more.
  • Clear Buffer. This seems to be working well now.
  • Odd color wells. The color wells are mostly normal. The pop-up buttons in the background area of the colors inspector (Command-5) have a color well-like object embedded in them. You can drag and drop colors to it, but you can't make it "current" at this time.
  • Color dragging with multiple inspector windows open. This was actually crashing Workspace, which was a neat trick. It's fixed now.
  • Periodic crashes. Some are fixed, some remain.
  • Periodic display weirdisms. These seem to all be gone.
Stuart2.5.0 Bug Fixes
  • None (or lots, depending on your point of view). Since 2.5.0 has so many changes, I'm resetting the fixes so we can start finding new ones. The following fixes should mostly apply.

Fixes between 2.4 and 2.5

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