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Stuart is a shareware vt100 emulator for NeXTSTEP. Overall, the program is very similar to the Terminal program, though it does have a number of useful improvements.

The most current release is 2.6.3, which runs under NeXTSTEP3.x for NeXT (N), Intel (I), HP (H), and SPARC (S) hardware running NeXTSTEP. An older release, 2.4, is still available and runs under NeXTSTEP2.x for NeXT hardware.

  • List of fixes in 2.6.3
  • ftp http download Stuart2.6.3.NIHS.tar.gz (1000k), for Motorola, Intel, HP, and Sparc
  • ftp download Stuart2.4.tar.Z (330k), Motorola-only for NS2.x

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