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TimeMon gives a graphical representation of where the CPU cycles are going. It's coarse, but better than nothing. The best "feature" is that it runs in an icon on your dock, so that you never lose it.


  • ftp http download TimeMon-4.0.app.RDR.I.tar.gz (20k), for Rhapsody/Intel
  • ftp http download TimeMon-3.2.app.NIHS.tar.gz (53k), for NS3.x and OS4.x/Mach, Motorola, Intel, HPPA, and SPARC
  • ftp http download TimeMon-3.0.app.tar.gz (17k), beta NS2.x version, Motorola
  • ftp http download TimeMon-4.0.tar.gz (28k), Rhapsody version
  • ftp http download TimeMon-4.0.OS.tar.gz (28k), OpenStep version
    The Rhapsody-generated TimeMon.nib file didn't work under OpenStep, otherwise this version is identical to the Rhapsody version.
  • ftp http download TimeMon-3.2.tar.gz (32k), NS3.x version
  • ftp http download TimeMon-3.0.tar.gz (25k), beta NS2.x version
  • ftp download TimeMon-2.2.tar.gz (23k), released NS2.x version

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