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Stuart2.45 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the Meta key stuff. Again. This time it was a problem if you changed the setting at runtime. It wasn't getting the new settings propagated correctly. Really, it works this time. I think.
  • If the user doesn't have an explicit value for the Shell preference, the value is retrieved from their passwd entry.
  • Keypad PF1-PF4 have been fixed to work correctly on Intel. Unfortunately, it appears that under some circumstances on Intel machines, keydown events are incorrectly marked as not coming from the keypad, which means Stuart won't generate keypad sequences from them. You can also use F1-F4 instead of PF1-PF4.
Stuart2.441 Bug Fixes
  • OK, so the VT200 function key stuff mentioned in Features.rtf didn't work. NEXTSTEP sends different values for the code that indicates it's a function key under Intel than it does in NEXTSTEP. Should work now.
  • The Meta key wasn't working correctly for new Stuart users. Due to how the bug reports came in, there was a strong case for the problem being restricted to Intel systems, but it turns out that it happened for all systems where the user hadn't been using Stuart before. Sigh. It should work now.
Stuart2.44 Bug Fixes
  • In the past if the first page of your scrollback had wrapped-around lines and you did a Edit/Clear Buffer, then the wrap information was retained so that later if you copied from that area lines were run together. I believe this is fixed now (I just keep thinking that I thought I'd fixed it before ...).
Stuart2.431 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash when a file was dropped in an emulation window and PasteOnDrop was YES (but not cd or pushd).
Stuart2.42 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug which happened when the cursor was over a graphics character - it was drawing the character as the non-graphics version.
  • Fixed a bug where non-DarkCursor on ReverseBlack background would entirely erase characters as it passed over them (in emacs, for instance).
  • Stuart2.41 modified the clear-line algorithms to push the cleared line to the scrollback if the entire line was clear (ie, if the cursor was at the zero position and a clear-to-EOL was received). Unfortunately, a number of people have noted that this causes problems with programs that optimize output and/or are interactive but really screen-based, because they often send the sequence `^M^[[K' to erase the current partially-entered line before overwriting it with new data. A notable program which has problems with this is more(1). If you've been noticing multiple `--More--' lines lately, it's because of this problem. I'll leave out this option until such time as I do something weird like add a `Scrollback' pane to the inspectors :-).
Stuart2.41 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a number of bugs which crashed Stuart if a window only exists for a few seconds, for instance if a soil command doesn't work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which manifested if the subprocess died in multiple windows at very nearly the same time.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to miniaturization of windows. Sometimes titlebars would get confused, and in certain instances Stuart could be crashed, especially when using keyboard short-cuts to unminiaturize the window.
  • Fixed a bug which caused crashes in some cases when writing Stuartrc files while windows were miniaturized.
  • Force slog to complete logging before running the subprocess. Previously, a race condition could occur and the subprocess could access the logfiles and pty device before slog had logged the user and fixed ownerships.
  • Fixed bug in slog which caused it to output `Bad file number' errors to the console. Now errors should give a better indicator of what the problem really is.
  • Shelf icons are re-imaged when a Stuart window is moved between screens with different depths, such as on a two-headed NeXTdimension system.
  • The Bug Scott... menu item now leaves Mail as the active application after the send window is opened.
  • When running with -NXHost, a default keymapping is used since the one for the machine Stuart is running on will most likely be incorrect (and inaccessable).
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes left the mouse cursor in an invisible state when dynamically changing ReverseBlack modes.
  • You can no longer use Alternate-arrow sequences while modal panels such as the Print Panel are visible.
  • All previous Stuarts made an error in emulating the \E[20h and \E[20l newline mode set/reset sequences. In fact, they did not emulate it at all, as I had mistook it for a vt100 private sequence starting with \E[?. Bummer.
  • Version numbers are now consistant. At least where it's important.
Stuart2.4 Bug Fixes
  • There are a number of bug and mis-feature fixes in Stuart2.4. Some are related to NeXTSTEP3.0pr support, some are foreign keyboard support, and some are related to outright bugs. There are not any NeXTSTEP3.0 features, per-se, unless you consider the ability to execute under NeXTSTEP3.0pr1 to be a feature.
  • Stuart2.3 contained a bug related to miniwindow icons that caused it to crash on startup under NeXTSTEP3.0pr1.
  • The miniwindow icon now correctly shows the NeXTSTEP3.0 shading.
  • When Meta is disabled, all main keyboard Alternate translation is disabled.
  • When Meta is disabled, dead-key supression is also disabled.
  • There is a flag to allow disabling Alternate translation on the keypad, also.
  • Stuart now emulates an apparent bug in Terminal's vt100 emulation which causes Terminal to not home the cursor when the scrolling region is set to the entire screen. This emulation only occurs when TermcapSpoof is turned on.
  • Stuart contained a bug which could cause it to crash when the cursor "bounced" against the right hand side of the window before autowrapping.
  • The upper limit on the incoming text buffer has been raised from 64k to 4Gig. This affects large Paste functions (obviously, those at or above 64k in size). There will be no extensions beyond the 4Gig mark.
  • Large pastes now work, too - previsouly, even some sub-64k pastes did not work correctly.
  • Pty speed is initialized to 38.4kbaud rather than 9600baud.
  • Stuart can trace the executable's directory through symbolic links. Thus, Stuart works correctly if you link to the Stuart.app/Stuart file.
  • Stuart no longer hardwires logging to utmp and fixing of pty ownerships to the SourceDotLogin flag. These are seperate options now.
  • Stuart now uses a subprocess called slog to provide the functionality previous supplied by StuartLog. At many sites, StuartLog would hang for no apparent reason causing a great deal of annoyance. This hanging was apparently related to large netinfo databases, slow computers, and people with many autolaunch-on-login programs. slog is a subprocess that runs continuously for the life of Stuart, with one slog process per running Stuart. Source is still included.
  • Stuart now kills subprocesses on window close using SIGHUP.
  • Keypad now defaults to NeXT keypad instead of vt100 keypad.
  • Font Panel correctly allows Letter Gothic as a fixed-pitch font (it should work with all other fixed-pitch fonts, too).

Copyright ©1992,1993,1994 by Scott Hess. All Rights Reserved.