NXHost.app allows the user to execute NeXTSTEP programs remotely with display on the local screen, without making their DPS server public (ie, with Private Window Server turned on in Preferences.app). As of yet, this is simply a proof-of-concept prototype, and should not be considered overly secure, or indeed usable. If you encounter bugs, feel free to send me email at shess@one.net, and for my part I will for the most part ignore you and sometimes reply with various abuse.

Download NXHost.app.tar.gz version 0.1, binary, NIHS.

How to use NXHost.

Run NXHost.app on the system you wish to display on. Then, on a remote system, run

    .../NXHost.app/nxhost hostname [appname [parameters]]
hostname is the name of the host running NXHost.app. appname is the full path of the NeXTSTEP application to run. parameters can also be provided to the NeXTSTEP application. Do not supply a -NXHost parameter!

NXHost.app will pop up an alert panel asking if you want to allow the connection.

If appname is not provided, then your default shell is executed. You can launch NeXTSTEP apps within that shell, and the apps will display on the specified host, this time without popping up a panel.