This page is tremendously out of date, by something like fourteen years. Since I last did anything with this page, I've been with two different start-ups that went public. I keep trying to free up the time to turn it into a legitimate vanity page, but work soaks up all of my creative time. Basically, assume that everything on these pages dates from the stone ages. But I leave this part of the site here in case someone from that era comes visiting.

Note: The chance that I will sell you the domain is zero.

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Welcome to my (Scott Hess') home page. I develop and distribute NeXTSTEP programs, and also do some NeXTSTEP contract work for clients with money to spend. My current focus is on development of UI components and their supporting data structures for NeXTSTEP, though I am experimenting with Tk/Tcl. Of course, the Apple+NeXT stuff is making me look at OpenStep more seriously, now.

Quick overview of some programs, all for NeXTSTEP:

  • Stuart is a replacement for Terminal.
  • TickleServices provides new Services menu entries, and also allows the user to easily create new entries without using Objective-C.
  • TimeMon shows CPU usage in an application icon on.
  • NXHost is a prototype which allows -NXHost style execution of remote applications on NeXTSTEP3.x without requiring Public Window Server.
  • OSCVS.tar.gz saves CVS directories in .nib files across saves, for OpenStep/Mach or OpenStep/NT. If you don't know what CVS is, or why you need to save the directories across saves in IB, then you don't want it. (And don't ask me!)
  • Tcl.NIHS.pkg.tar.gz is a binary distribution of tcl7.6, compiled for NeXTSTEP3.3 (m68k, i386, sparc, and hppa). tcl7.6.tar.gz is the source code I used to compile it. This code is as-is, do not expect me to fix anything which doesn't work or is perceived to not work. I have only tested this under NS3.3. It will not work under OpenStep, I have not tested it under OpenStep, and it will not work under OpenStep. So don't ask.
  • is a small app to let you toy with the Mouse AXeleration parameters (Ha!). It provides a somewhat sensible UI for this, and reverts to your defaults pretty easily with a command-key (or just Quit). Useful if you get your acceleration parameters well and truly screwed up.
  • Partition is a small FAQ I've written to help some of the newbies who are trying to figure out NeXTSTEP/OpenStep disk partitioning. Due to historical oddities, this isn't as easy as people seem to expect - nor as hard as they seem to make it. Not a very complete FAQ, though, as I mostly hoped it would help people find a direction for further research.

Of course, there is more, since I've been programming NeXTSTEP for quite some time. But, some efforts were embarassing (Robots!), or written under contract. Look for my name in Info Panels ...

Email: (Scott Hess)